CLAUDIA AMATRUDA - when you hear hoofbeats thinks of horses, not zebras


  "When you hear hoofbeats think of horses, not zebras."
This medical term, coined by Dr. Theodore Woodward, resonates through the lens of photographer and performer Claudia Amatruda in a first-person project. Gently blending the art of photography with the raw energy of performance, Amatruda enters into the world of those living with a rare disease.

In this second chapter of her fascinating series, the human body becomes the main characther, gracefully narrating the delicate and often fragile story of people living rare conditions.
Everyday objects are transformed into scenic elements in this visual symphony, where everything that is around us turns into powerful forces.

Amatruda's balanced style delves us into a harmonious narrative, transforming the mundane into a thoughtful exploration of life. This project invites us to look for a new vision and gives us de opportunity to enter a brand new and higly artistic storytelling.

Words by Matisse Tordoni
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani