Martina Oliva

Martina’s own words:

I am fascinated by the possibility of narrating life through light. Capturing details, shapes and colours that often escape the sight of many people.

I started a few years ago to stop moments, especially after my university course at the IED in Florence, in Visual Communication Design, which ended on 23 July 2021.

"Giorni - Days" is a project that documents a particular moment of my life. I was at home for more than two months with my paternal grandmother.

I had never had the opportunity to share so much time with her. Grandma Vincenza had always lived in Milazzo, Sicily, and I had always lived in Liguria, so at the most we would spend two weeks together in the summer.

She came to us in early December, at the age of 92. I was at home looking for work, and she kept me company during that time. I took this opportunity to recount her daily life, our daily life, her thoughts, her gestures, her memories, her peculiarities. I wrote a sort of diary, to remember these moments. I wanted to tell the story in the way I do best: with photography.
They were special, strange days, with ups and downs, but they needed to be documented.

Dedicated to Grandma Vincenza.

Post by: Vincent Urbani