Su Li

Su Li is a Chinese photographer from Beijing.

His artworks are the perfect portrait of modern Chinese society and environment and his subjects are characterised by pastel colours covered by a pale, transparent and diaphanous coat.

The artist ranges from the most traditional representation figures, up to exploring innovative combinations of topics. Su Li observation of the surrounding world is an ongoing dialogue between the Chinese citizens and the territory.
The merging of these two elements produces an extremely dynamic vision, a far away land, capable of gifting an incredible imaginary of events happening in the eyes of the beholder.

Su Li photographs are a strong storytelling of life in Beijing through Chinese faces and places: pictures that feel like traveling for the ones who were not lucky enough to visit the country.
The existence of these scenarios might seem barely believable when even the simplest thing becomes part of a bigger, beautifully hazy picture.

From a western point of view, some of the cultural features in Su Li photographs can get “Lost In Translation” but, despite this, the lecture of every single shoot feels like an exciting visual learning process and we can’t help feeling amazed by such a beautiful visual transposition to the artist’s homeland.

Words by Erika Giulietti
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani