dave masotti

Dave Masotti

Dave Masotti is an Italian photographer based in Milan.

His artworks are an intimate portrait of different human beings.
His subjects communicate through deeply felt glances, making it almost possible to read their personal story behind their eyes. Indeed, the will of the artist to put a focus on humanity appears to be obvious.

All the people portrayed in Masotti’s photographs look perfectly comfortable in the context they are staying in, as if the artist wanted to create little pieces of Heaven for them as a gift.

Masotti owns the ability to turn fashion shoots into cherished reality glimpses, daily scenes and spots gain a theatrical look, while human (and not human) subjects seem living in a cinematic dream.

The presence of both natural and artificial elements is perfectly balanced in every picture, making us perceive the wish of the artist to find simplicity even in the urban environment.
The use of natural light is one of Masotti’s more efficient photographic tools, shaping objects through shadows in contrast to soft diurnal sunbeams.

Masotti’s photographs are an hymn to the simplicity of life, pictures where moments of a slow living are genuinely emphasized and every element coexist in a cozy, peaceful place.

Words by Erika Giulietti
Post coordination by Marco De Ieso and Vincent Urbani