David Lerones 

Born in Spain in 1983, Davide Lerones is a photographer and artist focusing on different subjects, still finding his production core in conceptual photography. The variety of subjects portrayed by the artist makes his intention of avoiding a precise classification clear. Photography is an experimental tool in David Lerones hands, with whom the artist investigate beauty of materials belonging to everyday objects, the same objects that are often getting overlooked.

Closed-up still-life pictures that nearly, aesthetically and conceptually, resemble abstractions are a big part of his editorial work, even when portraying people the artist prefers to focus on small portion of surfaces of human bodies, perfectly integrating skin and hair delicate textures into the details-composed frames from his production. Together with other elements from nature, such has flowers and a beautiful, ethereal light, human body creates the perfect opposition element to more artificial subjects, telling a story which is perfectly oriented towards human experience.

The particular communication codes together with such a variety of subjects create a complex style that might be difficult to pigeonhole in one only creative path, but Davide Lerones work does not deserve to be defined through names or definitions: objects details sublimated throughout the use of a fascinating light are the artist’s signature photographs.

Stillness plays a crucial role in Lerones representation choices, objects (both natural and artificial ones) gain a charming and complex look when observed upon an extremely close inspection. Furniture surfaces become theaters and stages when hit by sunbeams, where each item can potentially convert itself into something beautiful.

David Lerones defeats anonymity and absence of meaning simply by observing daily life passing by using his very sensitive to beauty sight. Nothing goes unnoticed thanks to his continuous will to document what surrounds him. Being loyal to his authorial production method, David Lerones takes a picture of himself every time he observes something through his photographic lens, projecting his intrinsic sense of beauty upon the world all around him.

The artist’s work is an being able to grasp instants in which reality around him manifests itself in its most ephemeral and precise forms. A distillate of beauty and wonders as a gift for the viewer who gets transported inside a deeper observation of daily practices.

His work is currently being exhibited at Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia, in occasion of his solo exhibition “Un aro que pende sobre mi”: a collection of ethereal photographs united to create a delicate yet powerful expository space.

Words by Erika Giulietti
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani