Chiara Benzi

It might sound pretty common to hear someone saying “The Devil Is In The Details”, but we must remember that beauty resides in details as well.

If you don’t believe that, Chiara Benzi photographic artworks are the proof you need.

Born in 1994, Chiara Benzi is an Italian artist based in Bologna, Italy. Thanks to her artistic work, consisting in the manipulation of her own photographs and archival images, Benzi was selected as a Fresh Eyes Talent by GUP Magazine in 2021 and as one of 2021 New Talents by Photographic Exploration Project.

Chiara graduated in Drama, Art and Music Studies at the University Of Bologna and we can consider her a multidisciplinary artist. The perception of a cinematic gaze in her work comes as no surprise.
We get hypnotised by her artworks which have the incredible ability to live both in singularity as precious stills and as part of a bigger - absolutely to tell - story.

Some words from the artist’s biography make clear that the last one quoted isn’t the only duality existing into Benzi’s complex and ethereal vision of reality: “(…) reflecting on the interaction and interpretation of the imaginary encountered in a personal manner, and oscillating between familiarity and alienation.”

A sparkling, brilliant light seems to have a leading role in the making of Chiara Benzi’s photographs, but we are not talking about something physical: a storytelling enriched with an honest pureness will lead you through the journey of Benzi’s vision, making you able to discover something worth to explore.

Text by Erika Giulietti
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani