Alma Beccarelli

Something that is present, often does not appear evident.
The lack of knowledge takes form in the body as something that separates us from others. The others are the very ones that redirect perception from outside us. Nevertheless, reality seems to set itself as a form of deceit above the idea of a possible diversity based on the very lightness between the dimension of what is known and what is unknown.

FBNI is an autobiographic project: it tells the story of a mother and a daughter, of the strong differences that characterise each one of them and that is represented by the body.
A body that hides a possible secret: the secret of a rare genetic condition (FBN1 is the acronym of the rare chromosome involved) that has appeared spontaneously and is, for this very reason,  extremely difficult to identify.

It is also the tale of a dialogue based on complicity and silence that takes place in the unknown, in the subtle difference that separates health from illness, and what is visible from the mystery of what is invisible, but no less real and present.

Footnote : Each image, with a different level of memory, relates to an aspect of the Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic illness of cardio-vascular nature.


Alma Beccarelli, born in Parma in 1994, attended the High School of Art P. Toschi, Painting and Decoration.
Continuing her studies in Photography at the CFP Bauer in Milan, where she obtained her diploma in 2021.
Over the years, her passion for photography has been accompanied by various work and life experiences. Some of which led her to move to Lausanne,
where she lived for a couple of years.

Post by: Vincent Urbani