Francesca Macis

“Il giorno in cui si spense il sole” proposes a both tangible and dreamlike reality. A visual speculation that evokes an apocalyptic, atmospheric future in which the spectator can wander, guided by his imagination.

The story illustrates an hypothetical end of the world in which the sunis replaced by the moon, a star, or perhaps the sun itself -anemic-, which plunges Earth into an eternal night, enveloping things in an unnatural light.

The metamorphosis of reality takes place, shaped by the possibilities of photography to create a credible parallel reality. Present and future coexist in a speculative scenario that transforms nightmares and illusions of our imperfect present into possibilities or catastrophes.

Reflections, born from a fantasy, that want to investigate our reality, projected into an -other- time and place, to see all of its critical issues.

A science-fiction sequence that reveals the profound anxiety of an imminent ecological catastrophe that could extinguish all life on Earth, and questions the aesthetic category of the sublime, showing the perverse pleasure of watching something that is dying.

Francesca Macis is a Sardinian visual artist. Her work investigates the concept of “image” as a starting point for the reading of reality and the creation of other-realities that range between truth and imagination. In her works what is known comes back in a new light and reality is estranged from its own dimension and re-proposed wearing unusual clothes, producing a sense of both usual and unusual, using the the characteristics of the media to present new ways of seeing and therefore of being.

Post by: Vincent Urbani