Isabel Spantzel - in eternal luminosity

Isabel Spantzel

Isabel Spanztel is a fine art photographer from Cologne
featured in several culture, design and fashion publications. 
Her style defines a unique vision of the world that allowed her to achieve a personal space in the art field. 

With her photographs, Spantzel drives the subjects into an ethereal yet communicative sphere, where an incredibly strong aesthetic built up by the lyrical use of lights and shadows never stands above the theoretical subtext that lays under the author’s works. 
Whoever gets portrayed by Spantzel is immediately set free by gender stereotypes and society impositions, appearing comfortably floating in a magical place.

Her main project, “In Eternal Luminosity” is an unassailable visual proof of the truthfulness of our description of her operated.
Isabel herslef describes the project with this following words:
“[…] is a visual meditation on all of which continues to be a mystery, even in bright light. The act of photography as a poetic practice and a way to approach all that which surpasses us – the sublime, the magic, the slightly paradox… to see materialized what we experience as intuition.”

To accomplish the creation of her mystical artworks, Spantzel relies both on digital and analog photography, permitting us to enjoy such beautiful and meaningful visions.

Text: Erika Giulietti
Post coordination: Vincent Urbani