gÓmez selva

Gómez Selva (Murcia, 1994) lives and works between Madrid and Bilbao, Spain. He completed his studies at the Universities of Murcia and the Basque Country, as well as the Master in Author Photography of the Center for Contemporary Photography in Bilbao.

His work explores the codes of visual narration in documentary photography and the interrelationships between people and the spaces they inhabit. His work is usually presented in the form of self-published photography books and installations.

He has been selected for various national and international calls such as Panorama (CENDEAC), Revolv Collective (London), and Ertibil-Bizkaia (Bilbao).

Gómez says that “to understand and assimilate the identity of a territory, all possible dimensions, such as social, cultural, political, territorial, economic or religious must be taken into account”.

There are countless factors from which to work and research  a territory; inevitable factors that turn us into "intruders" when using certain identity values.
The concept of landscape is linked to the territory and forms part of its identity, but is also an aesthetic and formal result of certain conflicts, legacies, and can be even considered as a mark of what a territory has once been, and of what it now is.

The objective of Gómez’s research project is to reach an intermediate point between the study of a landscape for its symbolic and ideological value, and it's formal value.
The relationship between one's identity and another's legacy does not have to be synonymous with cultural or social intrusiveness, but this process of questioning and fragmenting conflicts of others allows the resignification and creation of multiple conceptions of the same landscape, even working from a point of ambiguity, uncertainty and the mutability of images.