It’s time to say goodbye

Sofia Xisia

A collection of details gathered during my time travel.

Since I was young I used to spend time with my grandparents, two different couples from one another, but at the same time connected.
Born between 1930 and 1940, my grandparents lived almost all the way through the XX century absorbing the essence of it and preserved it through time.
Growing up with them, I had the possibility to capture this essence and to live the old times firsthand. Through them, their lifestyle, their houses and those places they used to spend their time, it seems to me like I traveled through time.
This time travel is about to end now and it is time to say goodbye. I just have to collect the remaining details.
How the time takes away the memories, the thermal paper fades through time.
Time passes carrying away with it everything I've ever known, and when the images will fade away, it is because they were absorbed already by someone who saw them, hoping that the same exact essence will continue to live on.

Print on Thermal Paper
(Ongoing project)

Post by: Vincent Urbani