Jonathan Bocca, born in 1998, is an Italian sculptural designer
from Lucca. He graduated at IED Florence and he attended
the UAL in London.

Currently based at Fabrica Research Center in Treviso, is now studying and working new materials to create sculptures and and objects that could change the way we see design.
Talking about his project Quotidiano (Daily) (*last picture in this post) Jonathan says:
The chair is the symbol of our stillness,
This element characterized our lives during the pandemic period, making it almost an icon.
The chair is what represents our inability to move.
The newspaper for the people is the newspaper "go out to get information", but during the pandemic 90% of the newspapers were unsold making people forced to sit in front of a screen to understand what was happening making the information one-sided, this chair it is the collection of all the static information that we received while sitting during the pandemic period, it is locks that prevented us from carrying out our daily life

Post by: Vincent Urbani