Kata Geibl

Kata Geibl (1989, Budapest) is a photographer living and working between Budapest and The Hague.
Her work is mainly focused on global issues, capitalism, the anthropocene and the ambiguities of the photographic medium.

Coming from a background in Liberal Arts has informed the way she creates her projects. Drawing concepts from Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Geibl steps in with metaphorical images to fill in the gaps where words fall short.

Geibl’s long-standing interest in photography’s ambiguity is palpable throughout her practice. How we are trained to treat photographs as evidence while also approaching them with intense suspicion.

Harnessing this tension, she presents us with the implications of a very real phenomenon without adhering to straight documentary methods that habitually signal truth, instead, she mixes genres to produce her visual universe.

Post by: Marco De Ieso