Ligia Popławska is a photographer and art historian
living in Antwerp, Belgium.
She explores the fields of psychology, neuroscience or ecology to find basis for her speculative photographic storytelling and olfactory works.

Looking at her images we enter a deep, sensitive and kind of nostalgic universe through the features of a face, a texture
or a simple combination of colours.

Ligia’s evocative reflection on life with her projects Fading Senses or Silent Signals gives us the key to unlock the door of Solastalgia:
the implication of the loss of ecosystems on our mental
and emotional health.

There’s no better way to define her artistic purpose
than using her own words:
Working at the intersection of art and science, my artistic practice is focused on analysing
parallels between senses and memory,
emotional states and conditions of the present “.

Post by: Vincent Urbani & Marco De Ieso