pablo lopez - meditative landscapes

One of the most functional channels to follow to deeply understand ourselves surely can be knowing our roots. Since the very first day of our lives, we find ourselves surrounded by landscapes engraving our stories directly on our pursuit, and shaping us as the individ- uals we are fated to become.

Pablo Lopez (1984), a Spanish photographer from Granada, Andalucia, seems to be wanting to forge an extremely accurate analysis of different landscapes in order to inves- tigate an extensive meaning in all of them. His usual choice of a delicate, contrast-less black and white palette is nothing less than a reasoned move to make us focus on the shapes rather than on the tints of the variety of different sceneries Lopez visited during his career.

In Lopez’s photographs, nature plays a leading role: vegetal elements are strongly present in each of the artist’s works, being portrayed as something standing still, but at the same time filled with a vibrant power giving vital energy to all of the represented moments. Light — coming from a side only, or completely covering the landscapes from above — seems to be flooding the entire space inside the photographic frames, making every subject wrapped in a brilliant, silver glaze.

Skies in Lopez’s pictures mostly appears to be ivory white, making the viewer feeling free to breathe. “Lightness”, intended as being dissociat- ed from anything too heavy that could be pressing on our souls, is a perfect term to de- scribe Pablo Lopez’s photographs, which are gifted silent moments we all deserve, once in a while.

As Eckhart Tolle used to write, “Stillness Speaks”, and artworks like Pablo Lopez’s ones remind us the importance to be ready listen.

Words by Erika Giulietti
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani