Point Studio Hong Kong

Art direction: Point Studio, Perpetua Ip
Photography: Point Studio
Styling: Perpetua Ip
Styling assistant: Jan Li
Makeup: Eda Lee
Hair: Tong Tong Zhou
Model: Jane Song
ETSet design: Point Studio
Set design assistant: Joan Leung
Gaffer: Duncan Lui
Helper:Sherwin Wong, Cat Wong
Special thanks: Venus Cheung

When a flower has passed its most beautiful and attractive stage in blooming, it starts withering; so as our planet is corrupting in multiple perspectives say environment and humanity.

What if the Earth itself or some unknown creatures are planning on a revenge on human?
The existence of system, leaders, trend or heroes becomes meaningless as if the future era no longer belongs to humankind.

The whole series of photographs is taken from a super low angle, almost from the ground, in the same way as something mysterious is peeking the last girl, standing along with last the fading but deviant flower on Earth.

The styling gets inspiration from traditional Taiwan puppet show, which are always exploring relations among religions, the sky, the ground and human-beings; in safe of expressing definitions among almighty or ordinary will never again be important.

Post by: Vincent Urbani