per assurdo, tu

Zita Alberti & Ilenia Luzzara

“Senselessly you.
About written things you spoke, private acts, abused four walls.
Saint lying water outside, straight lines of ideas.
Hand in hand, in a little local. Lovers between their fingers, about my senseless dreams I speak.
Absurdly you.Loving you far away, pathetically.
Grotesque creature, tender soul.Absurdly, you"

These are the words by Zita Alberti that introduce us to her project Per assurdo, tu in which photography and video come together to tell the intimate and personal story of the main characther.

Four walls, everyday gestures, awkward expressions,
but also an external and pulsating everyday life.

The interior merging with the exterior (and viceversa) and a girl mixing these two separate worlds.
The description of a soul through geometry, places, light, movement and fashion design by the brands Lessico Familiare, Federica Bettelli and Merllose

full video here 
Zita Alberti: IG @zitalberti
Ilenia Luzzara: IG @ilena_luzzara
Photographer & edit: Ilenia Luzzara
Creative direction/edit & styling: Zita Alberti

Post coordination by Vincent Urbani