perverse vibes - VENUS HUSH

Venus Hush

This is Venus Hush, electropop, experimental, and trip hop artist. I'm sending you the latest photoshoot created on the occasion of PERVERSE VIBES release.
The visual project mixes studio and urban shots with a concept enhancing the artist's multifaceted nature, her bold personality, and a woke and liberated sexuality, which is the core of PERVERSE VIBES.
The track, released after the debut EP GENESIS, is about the discovery of another self, an introspective epiphany that forces her to face the harsh reality of being different form what she thought she was. A new world that is both scary and empowering at the same time, bringing new knowledge to the table, although that knowledge is not always positive.  
The shots portray Venus Hush in a physical and emotional limbo, with a personality that evolves in a space only populated by a few, significant elements creating a theatrical and oneiric scenario.
The styling combines pieces from fashion designers like Lorenzo Seghezzi, Giulia Pastorelli, Inaurem, Loda Jewels, Lui Trash, Pepe Trapiello, Christian Cowan.

Venus Hush is an artistic alterego. With a mask more real than reality itself, her strong personality is controversial, sometimes blatant and exuberant, sometimes able to drive who listens in a journey into the darkest places of the human soul. Created by Venus’ team on the occasion of the release of her new track Perverse Vibes, the latest photoshoot expresses her multifaceted persona paying homage to the aesthetic upbring of Club Kids in the ‘90s.

art direction: @due_std
ph: @marcodeieso
styling: @fucsi_oopsie
mua: @robija_

Post by Vincent Urbani