Through Pei Shan Lee's lens, we are immersed in a refined, dreamlike and sensual universe. Floral elements and animal creatures merge in a harmonious dialogue with young women of mysterious allure, recalling still images from the surreal cinema of artists such as Buñuel or Dali.

In Lee's captivating visual narratives, the ethereal interplay of floral motifs and fantastical creatures transcends traditional boundaries, creating a seamless fusion of nature and fantasy.

Each frame tells a story that unfolds in the delicate balance between reality and imagination, inviting viewers to explore a world where the mundane and the extraordinary coexist in a mesmerizing dance of colors and forms.

Lee's lens not only captures moments frozen in time but also invites us to question the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible where beauty and mystery intertwine with poetic grace.

Words by Vittoria Di Battista
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani