Ciro Falciano is a freelance photographer from Naples who currently lives in Milan. He is mainly interested in reportage, hermetic photography and dedicates his personal project to the latter, inspired by the rhizomes.

The rhizome is a subterranean modification of the stem of herbaceous plants that allows them to develop new plants autonomously, even in the most unfavourable conditions: an acentric, non-hierarchical system that therefore does not have a pre-established order. This has inspired the school of thought of the same name, which focuses its attention on the relationships within distant concepts and phenomena.

With "✻.-.-.-✧.-.-✦⌇.-.-✧☄︎☄︎.-.-.-.-✦⑊" a personal project begun in 2022 and still in progress, Ciro uses rhizomatic way of thinking to find unprecedented connections and hidden meanings between seemingly completely heterogeneous elements, going beyond linear cause-and-effect logic to explore new and original levels of interpretation in the visual language of photography.

Words by Vittoria Di Battista
Post coordination by Vincent Urbani