Gabriele Rosati

These are the words Gabriele Rosati wrote us to define
himself and his work:

“I like to define myself as a small collector of places, objects, glances and moments.
I am a collector of everything that is observed, assimilated and then re-interpreted through photography, drawings, objects and people.

I am in my fourth year of Fashion Art Direction at Polimoda in Florence, but my love for art began long before that, when I discovered Modigliani in secondary school: an amazing "encounter" that shocked me and channelled me into the world of painting and sculpture. That passion, analysis and dedication to the human being present in Modì's portraits led me to the Liceo Artistico in Empoli, specialising in applied and manual arts such as painting and sculpture.

AI discovered plastic materials such as clay, iron, plaster and graphite, which I used to paint live, I decided to undertake a one-year course in basic photography at the APAB school of photography interaction where I was introduced to analogue photography.

The technique, the way of shooting, the need for time and attention and that texture coming out of the film stunned me. It was beautiful. I realised it could be the right way to mix my painting and sculpture background with a two-dimensional art.

My visual research focuses a lot on body, the light-subject relationship, objects, surfaces and everything that has volume and texture. I always try to draw a story from them. A narrative. I try to "dress" those bodies with a story”. 

Post by: Marco De Ieso & Vincent Urbani