Layla Sailor

Based between Asia and the UK, Layla Sailor is a photographer, filmmaker and educator.

She took part to the art direction of many initiatives from different institutions, including “Constructed” a Chinese fashion film exhibit event launched by SHOWstudio. Also, she has been teaching fashion film in China, developing and sharing her thoughts about freedom of young culture in today’s world society.

It is easy to perceive Layla Sailor’s worldwide experiences from her work, which are the result of both her open-minded view of our society and the eastern influences she acquired living and traveling abroad.

Following her dialogue with various inspirations, Sailor’s portraits are filled with references obtained from the study of different cultural heritages. The attention to details builds up perfectly shaped realities, where every art direction element is a tiny piece of a bigger picture owning a strong narrative. 

While looking at Sailor’s works, one can’t help being intrigued and filled with curiosity about the stories the author created around her subjects.

We think it is necessary to quote some words from the author herself, which are no doubt a mirror to her own world vision:

“'Something that you can't change is youth culture and the spirit of youth, whether that's surrounded by censorship and limitations and politics you don't agree with... young people will still find a way to be free.”

Text: Erika Giulietti
Post coordination: Vincent Urbani