Get ready to enter the idyllic world of Leonardo Taddei, where  photos are a spiritual journey that mixes light and reality.

These are the words used by the artist himself to define his creative experience.

“There, There is coming from my utopian journey in search of Arcadia: a natural world in which humans, animals and live in harmony. A place where women and men do not need to produce or to prevail over others because nature is generous and provides sustenance for all.

Moving away from the cities towards less man-made territories, starting from Italy and continuing in Latvia, I met communities and families who have decided to live in close contact with a more natural world. The journey has turned into an exploration of the human relationship with nature, or of our way of imagining it, a search for ancestral images on the trail of a mysterious, enchanted, primordial world. "There, there became also a book thanks to a collaboration with Lotta Bindery Books”

Post coordination by Vincent Urbani