matteo giustozzi - tracce

Tracce (Traces)

Traces designed to describe the behaviour of nature and man,
meant to be erase by the wind and the sea and, as they are consumed, to explain their meaning.
Forms conceived to visualise the trajectory and power of the winds, the motion of the sea and the rise and fall of the waves.

Some of the projects concentrated on what people do on the beach,
how they interact with, enjoy, play or communicate with the sand.
The students were asked to design sticks, moulds or jigs to push,
compress, dig or extrude the material as intended by the design.
The final results are nine analogical projects that can score
the sand at the scale of the landscape.

In memory of some of the greatest masters who have worked on these beaches in the past such as Michele Provinciali with his scavenged materials or Luigi Ghirri with his metaphysical photographs.