when the sun rises in the east

Pietro Bucciarelli

Pietro Bucciarelli (1998) is a young Italian photographer
from Serra San Quirico - Marche.
His evocative images from “When the sun rises in the east” are the manifesto of the absence and they focus on the importance of how life leaves invisible cuts deep down inside all of us.

Bucciarelli combines digital and analog photography, experimenting especially with flash.

About this project Pietro says: “Quando il sole sorge ad est
(when the sun rises in the east)
is about human, emotional, linguistic and gestural absences.
It is a journey through silent places, the blindness of the individual
and the antithesis of the known place.

Abandonment of security to discover the unknown.
Phantom places, places with smells, dark places and invented places.
My shoe dirty with sand.
Remains of the squares. Spectators and puppets, killings and blooms.
The early morning sigh, the child's groan, the last goodbye
before punishment.

Post by: Vincent Urbani